Global Knowledge Primer - Preface
by Debra M. Amidon

Welcome to the Knowledge Economy!

What began almost 15 years ago has become a worldwide community of knowledge professionals from virtually every corner of the globe. Today, there is a plethora of knowledge websites, conferences, training and certification programs, enterprise initiative and economic strategies - all based on the simple tenant that knowledge is today’s most precious resource to be managed effectively into the new Millennium.

This Primer has been organized to provide perspective on the movement - its roots, its leadership, its current practice and its vision. We live in an era of ‘kaleidoscopic change’ in which the compounding effect of the speed of multiple variables creates an unparalleled a management landscape. This transformation affects every function, every industry, every sector and every corner of the world. We also know that leadership can - and must - come from anywhere in the enterprise.

This publication has been compiled to help the knowledge professional - veteran and novice alike - to gain perspective on the movement, witness the various facets of the change, and envision - with sound trend analysis - what might be possible with a coherent knowledge strategy. The articles have come primarily from ones that have appeared in the newsletter - I3 Update/ENTOVATION International News - as well as other journals and electronic publications.

The material is organized in eight parts - each containing a glimpse into activity and aspirations. The material includes some of the most recent and timely work of those affiliated with the ENTOVATION Network. On the other hand, some of the references may represent connections to material that might be harder to find. Finally, we have included some of the original (now historic) documents - never before available online.

Part 1 - Overview

Part 2 - The ENTOVATION Network

Part 3 - The Knowledge Value Proposition

Part 4 - Knowledge and Innovation Trends

Part 5 - Focus on Functions

Part 6 - Focus on Enterprises

Part 7 - Focus on the World

Part 8 - Focus on ENTOVATION

Treat your scan of the documents an exploration into how the material is relevant to your own function, industry and region. But more importantly, consider the connections to be made as you venture out of your comfortable territory and into the initiatives of others. Allow yourself to imagine a future that doesn’t exist today - and some steps for how to make that vision a reality. It matters not if you are a bench engineer, a computer science student or a CEO.

Remember, the Knowledge Economy is about you - no one else. Consider yourself an integral player in the solutions that lie ahead. This has been my personal attempt to share with you the fruits of my own journey in the knowledge frontier. No doubt you, as the reader, have even more to share in perception and perspective. We participate as a critical mass of leaders now energized with the turn of the Millennium and anxious to contribute to a sustainable future - and yes, even a legacy for our children.

Let us know your progress.

Always in your Network,

Debra M. Amidon


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Preface to Global Knowledge Primer