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A Perspective On Innovation From Paraguay
A Reader Replies

Manuel Benitez Codas

"I found very interesting your view about innovation in Europe. I had the opportunity of working with Europeans (Spaniards and Italians specifically) in a project for developing the wooden furniture manufacturing in Paraguay. We have a lot of problems in transmitting to local entrepreneurs the innovation spirit. After reading your paper I realized why we found that resistance.

Focusing innovation only in production technology based on research and benchmarking with European companies production techniques is not the best way to start. I agree with your view that innovation (understood as improving dramatically what we do today mainly by doing it radically differently) must be permanently present in purchasing, design, production, packaging, sales, administration, etc. The most immediate results occur mainly by just starting to improve the way we do things. After realizing that innovation makes sense (because most entrepreneurs do not think in that way) it's possible to start a more comprehensive innovation process.

I hope my contribution will be useful, at least to start a discussion.

Best regards

Email: mbenitez@pol.com.py (Ing. Manuel Benitez Codas)


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