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Debra M. Amidon

The ENTOVATION website includes the 'Momentum of Knowledge Management' in several languages including Spanish. A year ago, it was discovered by some researchers at the Knowledge Systems Research Center, at ITESM, Monterrey, Mexico. Dr. Javier Carillo, Center Director, invited me to provide a seminar for his staff and students. What resulted is a profile of ITESM in the new research report - Creating the Knowledge-Based Business - published this month by Business Intelligence. He will also be featured in the forthcoming Knowledge Management 97 (KM97) in December (London).

Several months ago, another Internet surfer, Jamie Ritchie from Banco Santiago, discovered the website and referred me as a speaker for the XX Taller Ingeniera de Sistems - " In one session led by Dr. Carlos Vignolo, Professor Investigador, provided a lecture on "The Zen of Innovation Management" which had been the working title of 'Innovation Strategy for the Knowledge Economy: The Ken Awakening' and the course provided by ENTOVATION colleagues. What international serendipity! Moreover, upon subsequent discussion, it became clear that the framework used by Rob van der Spek for the European Knowledge Union meeting in Utrecht (see below) can easily be adapted for Latin America.

Furthermore, another tutorial was led by was led by Chauncey Bell, Senior Vice President of Business Design Associates. the company of Fernando Flores - expert on the network of conversations and world known Chilean, who was also featured in The Ken Awakening. The Program was seeded with several case studies who are experimenting with BDA techniques. Most of the comprehensive studies on Knowledge Management have reviewed companies from North America and Europe.

We anticipate future visibility from Latin American, including a new magazine from the government - "Correo de la INNOVACION." They are seeking stories from other countries and ways to share their examples of good practice with others around the world. [Contact Joel Munoz Berrios - cambio@reuna.cl - for further information and free copies.]

Thanks to our Chilean colleagues, the Knowledge Innovation Litmus Test is now available on the ENTOVATION website in Spanish.

Look forward to some symbiotic networking in the near future!

Debra M. Amidon
email: debra@entovation.com


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