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KIA Online '99: Knowledge In Action
An Online Event

This event organized by Edna Pasher Ph.D & Associates and Caucus Systems, Inc., is a public event that will take place entirely on the web from 1 - 21 March 1999.

It follows on from the success of the 3 face to face annual Knowledge in Action Conferences, 15 face to face public meetings of the Knowledge Café Forum and the 4 face to face meetings of the Hi-Tech Knowledge Café. Experts who are contributing and with whom you can have electronic conversations are:

Leif Edvinsson, Dr. Karl-Erik Sveiby, Dr. Edna Pasher, Dr. Lisa Kimball, David Skyrme, Verna Allee, Debra M. Amidon, Prof. Ben Gilad, Ward Bell, Prof. Baruch Lev, Dr. Khin Ni Ni Thein, Prof. Tzvi Raz, Richard Jordan, Prof. Nava Ben Tzvi, Ron Dvir, Dr. Rob Van Der Spek, Nachman Agmon, Dr. Scott C. Hammond, Dadi Lapidoth, Moria Levy, Galit Caspi, Fanni Russo, Ilan Oshri, Rachel Pasher Eijkenaar, Alberto Pucci Jr., Eyal.Faran, and Caroline Stenfelt.

ENTOVATION Founder Debra Amidon will run a keynote session 'Innovation Strategy in the Knowledge economy' in week 2 (7-15 March), while David Skyrme will run a workshop 'The Seven Levers of Knowledge' in week 1 (1-8 March).

Other topics include Developing Competitive Intelligence in Your Organization, Protecting your Knowledge Assets, Managing Virtual Teams, Using Information Technology to Support Knowledge Management, Strategic Renewal of Organizations, The Patterns of Successful Dialogues, and much more.

The event will feature facilitated discussions with noted keynote speakers, opportunities to participate in interactive workshops, access to a virtual exhibit hall, an opportunity to create and facilitate your own discussion topic, a full and diverse resource center, and demonstration of new technologies to support your work.

For further details and registration form visit the KIA '99 website at http://www.tmn.com/kia.

Details supplied by Amy Eunice.


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