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Finance Community - Heads Down (Up?)

The National Business Meeting of the AICPA (April 19-23) in San Diego, California, picked up on managing the Intangible Assets as a sub-theme. There were several sessions dedicated to topics related to the knowledge economy. ENTOVATION colleague Brett Knowles, co-founder of Know Inc. (Toronto, Canada), delivered a presentation - "Products and Services Available in the Intellectual Capital Arena." This included a description of recent initiatives, a product review and a preview of the contents of their new web sites: KnowledgeShop and KnowledgeCreators.

In a session entitled "Intellectual Capital and the Knowledge Economy: An Emerging Financial Leadership Role," Debra Amidon hosted the new monograph - Collaborative Innovation and the Knowledge Economy - which is co-sponsored by the Canadian Management Accountants, the CEFM sub-group of the AICPA and CAM-I. Copies are available in both English and French through e-mail (orderdesk@cma-canada.org).

In the collective audience of 160+, she inquired:

Q1 How many of you have heard of this new focus on hidden assets, intangible value, or intellectual capital?
R: About 60% raised their hands
Q2: How many had initiatives which had been launched in their companies?
R: About 24 responded in the affirmative
Q3: How many of you consider this focus to be just a fad.
R: Only 4 raised their hands

This was a bit of a surprise, but it appears that the finance community is received the message and are seeking guidance on how best to put the concepts into action. Our work is most timely!


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