Entovation International
Knowledge Management and the European Union

Utrecht, The Netherlands, May 12-14th

This event was organized by the Kenniscentrum CIBIT and was commissioned by the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science and supported by the European Commission.

Some 60 invited participants, from a variety of backgrounds, attended this event. Overall the event was a mixture of presentations and workshops. There was also a Web based Scenario Construction Site where participants debated topics such as Knowledge Debates and Global Futures Scenarios.

The focus was learning and knowledge within member states of the European Union. Topics covered included corporate learning centres, learning within and between small and medium enterprises and the role of education and training. What are the characteristics of a knowledge society and what implications does this have for educational systems?

Some of the key conclusions developed at the workshop were:

  • Knowledge and learning is now on the management agenda in many companies. It is a strategic issue.
  • Educational institutions and businesses are becoming more intertwined in many areas. Corporate universities and learning centres are on the rise in Europe. Italy, Spain, the Netherlands and UK provide examples.
  • The notion that universities generate knowledge that is transferred to business is challenged. Knowledge generated within SMEs can be of use to faculty in universities. Knowledge is created when people from different backgrounds collaborate together in communities of practice.
  • Although information and communications technology is crucial, it is human interaction and communications that are the key to successful collaboration.
  • Since knowledge depreciate quickly, learning to learn is increasingly important
  • Organisations will focus more on intangibles in the future and tools for the measurement of intellectual capital are being developed.

For further information - see the EU Seminar section of the Knowledge Management Network web site at http://www.cibit.hvu.nl/eu-seminar


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