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e-Knowledge Markets: Advanced Research Working Group
A Multi-Client Study Of Digital e-Knowledge Exchanges
by Brian Davis


In the last year, there has been a rapid explosion in the development and evolution of what we refer to as "e-knowledge marketplaces". This is being increasing enabled by the availability of new technologies. However, it is ultimately tied to the inexorable underlying growth of the global knowledge based economy. The "e-knowledge marketplace", is the staging area for second generation knowledge management. It is being fueled by the talent, e-learning, and intellectual property wars.
It is the pre-eminent vehicle for knowledge commerce and knowledge trading.
This concept, is its various expressions, is revolutionary in its importance, and implications. It has the character of a disruptive technology from an innovation standpoint.

This means it may seem alien, to those whose vision is still blinkered by orthodox notions of how best to manage knowledge. However it is a very real force for change and with the right lens we can see it diffusing globally, at a rapid rate.
It also means that this concept requires study, so that we can better understand its practical effects and any downside. There are both opportunities and risks. A revolution is not a tea party. There can be casualties as the current dot com meltdown proves . But there can also be tremendous success. The goal of this study, is to unearth the pathways and strategies that can lead to the safe realization of value and benefit across the turbulent, changing knowledge landscape. It is intended to help you be able to deftly navigate with confidence and clarity, through the attendant smoke and the noise.

What is the Focus Of This Study Consortium?

Improved collective understanding of the critical success factors involved in the design, creation, implementation,operation, maintenance, and exploitation of:

Knowledge Auctions

Knowledge Stores

Question & Answer Exchanges

Experts Exchanges

Intellectual Property Exchanges

E-Learning Exchanges

B2B Knowledge Exchanges

Talent Exchanges

Community Based Social Capital Knowledge Exchanges

Vertical Knowledge Exchanges

e-Knowledge Market Enabling Technologies


  • Implications for enterprise internal and external adoption;
  • The state of patenting and its impact;
  • issues of security, privacy, personalization, and anonymity;
  • services;
  • standards;
  • technologies;
  • business models;
  • global diffusion;
  • content management;
  • language and metaphor used;
  • awards;
  • knowledge resources;
  • lessons learned;
  • cultural and change management issues;
  • overcoming old mental models;
  • investment levels;
  • scaling;
  • liquidity;
  • community;
  • ownership rights;
  • trends;
  • applicability for for e-government;
  • sustainable economic development;
  • common knowledge gaps;
  • technology acquisition issues;
  • systems integration;
  • user education;
  • support roles and skill sets;
  • valuation;
  • currency(ies);
  • cost;
  • ROI metrics;
  • risk management;
  • revenue models;
  • human computer interaction and interface issues;
  • messaging and communications;
  • regulatory issues and self-regulation;
  • and others subject to stakeholder input.


Authoritative Final Report

Market Model

Architecture - Reference Model

e-Knowledge Markets Knowledge Map

Enterprise Implementation Guide

Newsletters to update participants on significant industry news

Monthly Review and Analysis Of Markets trends

Bi-Monthly General Meetings

Special Interest Group Meetings centred around specific topics

Aggregation Of Knowledge Resources For member utilization

e-Knowledge Markets enabling technologies Assessment Lab
( subject to further stakeholder input)

Why Should Your Organization Invest In This Study ?

Knowledge Based Innovation

Innovation is about thinking differently and taking advantage of smart tools and new approaches. This Study is designed to probe how e-knowledge market platforms can be leveraged to support cutting edge knowledge innovation. Clearly we are operating in a knowledge-based economy. We had better be as smart as we can about the latest modalities for leveraging knowledge assets.

Risk Management
The antidote to failure is knowledge. There are many inhibitors, many unknowns, unforseen effects, consequences, and unintended results. These can emerge and hurt us if we poorly understand and fail to effectively manage all the issues associated with these new types of digital marketplaces. There is relatively low risk of loss associated with supporting this study. Yet, much to be gained from participation. Even as knowledge "insurance", it's a worthwhile investment. Can you really afford not to know about this subject?

Knowledge Leadership
Leaders take initiative and have the vision to explore new pathways to organizational success. Support for bold, decisive expeditionary exploration of new worlds of knowledge innovation, is consistent with wise leadership.

Accelerated Knowledge Acquisition
Our study is the fastest, lowest cost, most efficient way to make a quantum leap in advancing your knowledge of e-knowledge markets. If this technology is as "disruptive" and as much a "paradigm shift", as we have been predicting, you will not find available a deeper, more comprehensive, available, and independent, route to adding cutting-edge, relevant, and timely thinking, to your knowledge base.

Leverage The Intellectual Firepower Of Our e-Knowledge Market Network
Because of our distinctive focus, we have already built a significant, unique, cross-disciplinary, global knowledge network of colleagues. They have expertise and a shared interest in e-knowledge marketplaces. This means we have been growing a collaborative, intellectual hub, with tremendous collective brainpower. It is ready to be optimized for the benefit of the group. It is a virtual, tacit, informal "expert network that mirrors the explicit links we have profiled on-line. In summary, we can readily deploy and harness our superior, relevant, expert network connections to the advanced study of e-knowledge markets.

Understand the Critical Success Factors
There is a tremendous opportunity to deploy these platforms to create more dynamic, flexible, adaptive, and intelligent enterprises. The appropriate (post intranet and portal) metaphor for the next generation knowledge based enterprise is the "e-knowledge marketplace". Intranets and Portals were interesting information-related innovations. However, the e-knowledge marketplace is the market-oriented, exchange engine, through which projects, talent, intellectual property, ideas, learning, expertise, questions and answers, knowledge and intellectual capital will ultimately flow.
The logic of such an adoption pattern is already clear from developments on the web. However, the issues associate with such transformation, are still not yet well understood. We need to study the and learn from those that have tried this already ( Case Studies). And we need to surface, identify, and understand the critical success factors and benchmarks for achieving knowledge marketplace success.

Participate In Formation Of A New Global e-Knowledge Market Community
Become an integral part of a new knowledge community forming around a shared desire for enhanced understanding of this concept. Build new, relevant, high quality, business relationships.

Make Better Strategic Decisions
Inevitably the e-knowledge market revolution will come to have a dramatic impact on your organization. By working with us now to develop a deeper understanding of knowledge exchanges in all formats and dimensions, you will achieve a superior understanding of the full implications. Therefore, you will be better positioned sooner to take rapid strategic action. Your actions and decisions will be grounded on a solid knowledge base.



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