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The OZ Network of DuPont - Traversing Operational and Strategic Boundaries

The OZ Group - and informal collection of seven DuPonters promoting an environment of creativity and innovation - was founded in March, 1986. [NOTE: Interestingly enough this is the same year that Karl-Erik Sveiby (then from Sweden) published the Know-How Company, Itami (from Japan) published Intangible Assets and the 'Roundtable on Managing the Knowledge Assets into the 21st Century' was organized in the United States. Something magic about that timeframe?!] The OZ name was conceived in a discussion with Dr. Edward de Bono, when they were metaphorically describing the nature of the group..."a creativity pick-up team on a bumpy road to a brighter future as in the 'Wizard of Oz.' Now the group includes hundreds representing countries all over the globe and even includes representatives from several joint ventures, such as Anderson Consulting and CSC.

Debra M. Amidon, recently addressed the group at a meeting hosted by Dr Parry Norling, Planning Director, DuPont Central Research and Development, and President-Elect of the Industrial Research Institute. She suggested that in the end, Dorothy only needed to click her heals three times to return home. This is equivalent to companies re-affirming their heritage and roots - which for the most part has been damaged or lost through many re-engineering and rationalizing efforts - and align for future opportunities in the knowledge economy. "The renewed focus on knowledge and innovation has challenged companies to reaffirm their raison d'etre or sense of purpose in the expanding global environment. What good is our knowledge if not put to the use of society?!"

In recent years a knowledge management team has been operating and now has a view of how to operationalize these concepts in what has always been considered an innovation-competent organization. Ms. Nina Patel, KMIT Manager, DuPont Corporate Information Science with a session "Internal Knowledge Management Strategies across Business Units" will be featured June 11 - 12 in Houston, Texas, at the Knowledge Management in Chemicals '98 coordinated by FirstConferences (UK). Feel free to contact her (nina.v.patel@usa.dupont.com) for more details.


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