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World Development Report 1998 from The World Bank

Just published by Oxford University Press on behalf of The World Bank, the World Development Report 1998 is titled Knowledge for Development:

"Because knowledge matters, acquiring how people and societies acquire and use knowledge - and why they sometimes fail to do so - is essential to improving people's lives, especially the lives of the poorest among us".

The report provides a good societal view, though there is naturally a bias to an economic perspective. A useful background document 'What is Knowledge Management?' (principle author Stephen Denning with contributions and advice from a number of world experts including ENTOVATION founder Debra Amidon) also gives insights into the World Bank's own knowledge management programme:

"aimed at making the Bank a clearing-house for knowledge about development not only a corporate memory of best practices, but also a collector and disseminator of the best development knowledge from outside organizations."

This report is well worth a read to broaden your knowledge perspectives.

www: http://www.worldbank.org


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