Entovation International
Message to China

Debra M. Amidon

On the occasion of my visit to Beijing (15th May 1998).

The world is depending upon a strong China - economically, politically and socially. Given the scope of its geographic and demographic influence, it can and will have an extraordinary influence on how our future unfolds. Peter Drucker suggests that this is a matter of understanding and effective action - precisely the essence of knowledge innovation. Therefore, the people of China are encouraged to discover the value of their ken as society embraces this emerging knowledge economy.

Yours is a history of many managerial secrets yet to be leveraged in the modern world. Your networks span the globe and harmony is at your core - even though the recent decades have been laden with upheaval. I have met several of your leaders and it is clear that the horizon is becoming more favorable and it holds economic opportunities never before imagined in your country.

The question is also crystal-clear: Can China - with its rich heritage but cumbersome bureaucracy - transform into a national innovation system in which good ideas are created, valued and freely moved expeditiously into prosperity?

For a lifetime, your country - and even your entire region of the world - has remained a mystery to me. It took the leadership of one associate from abroad - Dr. Zhouying Jin - to open a whole new world for me. She - together with several other Chinese colleagues, including Dr. Jin Chen - have provided both perspective and vision of what might be possible when East finally meets West.

Now, I marvel - after one visit to your country - at how much has been accomplished in such a short period of time. Indeed, individuals can and must make a difference; for it is the ken in us all which enables us to innovate our future...together.

The New ENTOVATION Connection

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