Dr.habil.sc.ing. Janis Stabulnieks “Created the first innovation support structure in Latvia; chairing the National Innovation Program.”

“Architect of the Baltics Dynamics – a trans-national initiative bringing together practitioners from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania – which in 2004 included 460 from 35 nations.”

“We have no other options to develop our (knowledge) economy.”

“To apply ‘brain-energy,’ people must be encouraged mentally (advice, support, etc) and practically (legislation, financing, etc.).”

“What is the right definition of innovation?”

Dr. Janis STABULNIEKS is Managing Director of the Latvian Technological Center - the first established innovation support structure in Latvia. He has Dr.habil.sc.ing. degree and till 1993 was the head of the laboratory of Power Electronics and Industry Automation in the Latvian Academy of Sciences. 

Since 1993 his main research an expertise areas revolve around the analysis and policy advice about the creation of the National Innovation System in Latvia. In 2001/02 he was a chairman of the working group for preparation of the National Innovation Programme. He is the coordinator of the EU IRC (Innovation Relay Center) project in Latvia and partner in RIS (Regional Innovation Strategy) - Latvia project as well. He also was a member of the expert's panel for the EC survey "Innovation Policy in Seven Candidate Countries: the challenges" and representative from Latvia in the Programme Committee "Innovation & SMEs" in FP5 and "Research & Innovation" in FP6. 

Dr. Stabulnieks is member of the IASP (International association of Science Parks) , EBN (European Business and Innovation Center's Network) and BASTIC (Baltic Association of Science/Technology Parks and Innovation Centres. He is the President of the Latvian Association of Technology Parks, Centers and Business Incubators (LTICA). 

He has 107 publications on problems of industry automation, energy saving, commercialization of science, innovation policy and strategy, innovation support structures, etc. He has good established partnership with similar innovation support organizations in all Baltic States: Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania. He was chairman of the Steering Committee for annual international conferences on innovation in the Baltic Region "Baltic Dynamics" in 1998, 2001 and 2004.