Hubert Saint-Onge
Hubert Saint-Onge Comprehensive knowledge strategy encompasses – in parallel – the explicit and tacit dimensions of knowledge which can only be generated in highly collaborative relationships. How do we foster values-based leadership?

Hubert Saint-Onge, is the CEO of KonvergeandKnow and Vice President of Armstrong Industries. Formerly, he was the Vice President for Strategic Capabilities, Clarica, responsible for putting in place the strategies, plans and processes to ensure that the firm has the organisational and individual capabilities required to realise its business goals.

Hubert joined Clarica five years ago, and before then held various positions in government, the energy sector and banking. Hubert was the Vice-President of Learning Organization and Leadership Development for the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce in Toronto. Before that, he lived in Calgary where he worked within the business unit and at the corporate level of Shell Canada.

Hubert defines success by helping to create a successful organization where its members feel constantly challenged to make a contribution that makes a difference in the realization of worthwhile aspirations.

His business philosophy was cultivated at the earliest stage in his career upon leaving graduate school when he performed community development work in rural Mexico. During that time, Hubert said he learned that the answer to economic development centered on the self-initiation and empowerment of the individual. It was this experience that led him to focus his career on people, and their place within organizations, and how they can assume control over their destiny.

His background includes a political science degree from York University, a masters in Hubert, who calls strategic business planning not only his job, but his passion, says his main hobby is networking with other people around the world who do similar work.

Hubert has traveled the globe giving presentations on organization learning, leadership development, and knowledge value creation in countries such as South Africa, France, Korea, Australia and England. He has also published a number of articles on these subjects. In addition, Hubert was a board member of the Canadian Centre for Management Development from 1995 to 1999.

Hubert is the recipient of the prestigious Life Insurance Institute of Canada (LIIC) Lifetime Achievement in People and Organizational Development. He has also received an Honorary Fellowship from the Canadian School of Management. He is one of three recipients of the President’s Awards from the Ontario Society of Training and Development for his contribution to the domain of organization learning.