Piero Formica
Piero Formica How to fill the gap between individual and organizational knowledge? There has been a shift toward a more advanced culture of co-opetition among all parties in the supply chain…The invisible hand of the market must be accompanied by an invisible handshake (i.e., connectivity and trust-led businesses).

Prof. Piero Formica is Dean of the “International University of Entrepreneurship” in Ijmuiden Amsterdam, professor of Economics of Innovation, Master School of Business Law, University of Bologna (where he has been member of the Board of Directors between 1988 and 1992) and visiting professor at the Institute of Technology, Tartu University, Estonia

Prof. Formica has over 30 years of experience in the fields of international economics and economics of innovation, working with OECD Economic Prospects Division in Paris, large corporations and small companies, governmental bodies and the European Union. In the business world he is involved as director of internationalisation to the Zernike Group in the Netherlands, an international company that runs seed capital funds and promotes the commercialisation of innovation and know how.

Prof. Formica is member of the IASP (International Association of Science Parks) Scientific Committee, member of the board of directors of Transinnova (Rouen, France) and member of the Knowledge Management Entovation Network and of SPICE, an international network of Science Parks and Incubators experts.

Educated in Italy and the UK, Dr. Formica is member of the Editorial Board of the New Academic Review, London, editor of the China High Technology Enterprises Journal, and co-editor of the e-Journal of the Business of Experience and Innovation

Over the last decade Prof. Formica’s research has been addressed to industrial clusters, business strategies for innovation, new company formation and spin-offs, science parks and incubators, knowledge management, organisational innovation in higher education, digital economy, and entrepreneurship. He has written widely on these subjects. Among his works: TECNOPOLI - Luoghi e sentieri dell'innovazione, ISEDI,Torino; INNOVATION AND ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT - University-Enterprise Partnerships in Action; Delivering Innovation- Key Lessons from the World-Wide Networks of Science and Technology Parks Spin-offs from Innovative Learning Environment: Doing Business in the Knowledge Economy; Essays Topics in Technology Transfer, and Frontiers of Entrepreneurship and Innovation.