I would like to see a knowledge revolution that mirrors the impact of the industrial revolution in which communities become identified with the core knowledge and skills of local people, and a far greater understanding and awareness of the value of knowledge and of the benefits of sharing that knowledge in a true spirit of partnership and collaboration.

Enlightened self-interest means that your own interests are ultimately best served by helping to develop and benefit others before oneself.

David Wortley has had a long career in telecommunications (British Telecom) and Corporate Computing (IBM) and new media digital communications (Mass Mitec). It began with a prestigious BT scholarship to study Electronic and Electrical Engineering at the University of Birmingham. After graduation, David undertook a variety of management roles in the East Midlands of the UK before working as a management tutor at British Telecom's management training college in Bexhill on the South Coast.

As a management tutor, David's innovative use of the audio visual technologies of the day for his training modules encouraged his belief in the potential of technological convergence of audio-visual, telecoms and computing as a business opportunity. As a consequence, David prepared for setting up his own new media business by joining IBM as a marketing executive working with corporate accounts such as Courtaulds and Fisons to develop their corporate computing strategies.

In 1984, David set up the digital new media consultancy, Mass Mitec, to provide expertise in the use of technology for competitive advantage by using converging technologies to deliver innovative new services. At the time, this was a new concept as the cost justification for technology investment had historically been based around IT for saving costs (rather than generating revenue).

Mass Mitec worked with blue chip companies such as BT, Girobank, Courtaulds and Boots and David's technology update seminars were highly regarded.

In 1992, David set up the National Presentation Network in partnership with Prontaprint plc, delivering professional digital imaging services across the whole of the UK from Prontaprint's retail print/copy outlets. This involved a highly successful series of presentation master class road shows and workshops to educate both retail staff and their customers. The National Presentation Network was a classic example of an entrepreneurial use of leading edge communications technologies to deliver a new service to the customer's desk.

David has been involved in the use of Information Communications Technologies for sustainable development since 1997 when his company, Mass Mitec, won a prestigious award under the UK's Department of Trade and Industry's (DTI) Multimedia Demonstrator Program for a project known as ComKnet (Community Commerce and Knowledge Network).

After substantial experience of web based training and virtual meeting facilitation, David launched another innovative community development project (The Harborough Community Learning Network www.hcln.net) with a series of interactive broadcasts on the Information Society.

David is currently employed by De Montfort University in the UK East Midlands on the development of a knowledge exchange project (see http://dmu.emea.breezecentral.com/ntike) between higher education and the creative industries in the region. The use of communications technologies for collaboration and knowledge exchange is a fundamental component of this New Technology Initiative (NTI) project.