Dr. Manfred Bornemann

Dr. Manfred Bornemann "Theoretical roots and the measuring perspective of Intellectual Capital including visualization tools."

"Soft facts, such as trust and reliability, will become the crucial variables in the game of high value added projects."

"Create awareness of the ideas of KM especially middle management."

Manfred Bornemann earned his Ph.D. in 1998 on "Measuring Instruments in Knowledge Management" as an assistant professor at the Karl Franzens University of Graz, Austria. He specialized on issues relating to the management and valuation of intangible assets. Since then he published regularly in international conferences and built a reputation as speaker in topics of Intellectual Capital Management, Organizational Learning and Innovation. He was invited to teach at more than 15 international business schools and universities.

Since 1996 Manfred developed his consulting company Intangible Assets Consulting in Austria and successfully contributed to issues of the assessment and management of Intangible Assets from the perspective of applied research. So far more than 200 projects have been completed. Project sizes range from startup companies to small and medium sized organizations to stock noted companies in almost all sectors of industry. The project scope covers for-profit as well as non-profit and public administration.

Among the key achievements so far ranks an ongoing research project "Intellectual Capital Statement - Made in Germany" in the context of the Working Group on Intellectual Capital (Arbeitskreis Wissensbilanz) since 2004. Visible results are a well established guideline and a software solution for the evaluation and management of intellectual capital. After early positive results, the project won EU-commission funding under the name of InCaS in a broad consortium. The experiences of these prototypes could be published and were well received by German readers.

Manfred Bornemann is also active in numerous honorary positions on the issue of knowledge management in the broader sense: as a former chairman of the Knowledge Management Forum, which seeks to further the topic of knowledge management from both applied and academic perspective; as Chief Executive of the Society for Knowledge Management Association; as an advisor to the platform of knowledge management; as member of the board of directors of the knowledge region of Styria and as Chief of methods and training for the Bundesverband Wissensbilanz. He is reviewer for the Journal of Intellectual Capital and The Learning Organization.

Current topics of work include the development of policy instruments for knowledge-intensive organizations, the development of approaches for Integrated Reporting and identification of patterns for the management of Intellectual Capital in the context of Organizational Learning.