State of the Art: The Ken Awakening
The Ken Awakening
Table of Contents

Foreword by Leif Edvinsson

I. A Bold Awakening
Managing in the 'World Trade of Ideas'
Transform while Successful
The Case for Knowledge Innovation
The Momentum of Knowledge Management
II. Kaleidoscopic Dynamics
Fundamental Management Trends
- From Information to Knowledge
- From Bureaucracies to Networks
- From Training/Development to Learning
- From Local/national to Transnational
- From Competitive to Collaborative Strategy
- 5th Generation Enterprises
III. Wellsprings Timelines
IV. Emerging Community of Knowledge Practice
Convergence of Perspective
Simultaneous Transformation
V. Innovation as a Value System
Gauging the Organization
Coming Together
Transition from Chain to an Integrated System
Ken of Innovation in Practice - Analog Devices
Redefining the Boundaries of the Enterprise
Where Does One Begin?
VI. An Innovation Management™ Architecture
Knowledge Economics
Knowledge Networks
Knowledge Workers
Knowledge Processes
Knowledge Processing Technology
VII. A Knowledge Innovation Assessment - Internal Capabilities
Chief Officer
Performance Measures
Distributed Learning Network
Intelligence Market Positioning
VIII. A Knowledge Innovation Assessment - External Integration Knowledge products and services
Collaborative Market Penetration (i.e., alliances)
Market Image Campaign
Leadership Competencies
IX. Customers as a Source of Knowledge
New Customer Intimacy
Innovating with the Customer
Knowledge Economy Innovation Twist
Profile of Customer Innovation
X. Prospectus for the Future
Sample Managerial Truths
Toward Managerial Standards

What is Ken?

From the dictionary:
ken v. 1. To know (a person or thing). 2. To recognize. 3. To descry (i.e. discern something difficult to catch sight of; discover through careful observation or investigation); to have an understanding of something.
n. 1. Perception; understanding. 2.a. Range of vision. b. View; sight; to make known.


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