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Entovation International presents...
The Architecture Primer

All you want to know about architecting a knowledge strategy

This 50 page Primer gives you the basic information you need to build your own Knowledge Innovation® architecture. Just click on the Amazon button on this page and for $12.50 (USD) you can download your own copy!

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WHY do you need a knowledge innovation strategy?

As enterprises become more reliant on technology and its attendant complexity, they will become more dependent upon the knowledge and behavior of employees. This applies to other stakeholders as well - both inside and external to the firm. Simultaneously, performance metrics will become more hidden, intangible - related to intellectual capital. Therefore, the traditional value proposition of cost, quality and time is just not enough. This chapter explains the new knowledge value proposition and its consequences.

WHAT are the elements of knowledge architecture?

This chapter deals more in depth with the five aspects of the knowledge architecture: Performance, Structure, People, Process and Technology. Attention to each of these individually helps us understand the 'What' elements to be managed.

  • Knowledge Economics
  • Knowledge Structures
  • Knowledge Workers
  • Knowledge Processes
  • Knowledge Processing Technology

The Primer outlines some of the considerations as you build your own
architecture. This chapter discusses each of the 5 areas and shows how the
architecture might operate as a whole. Remember, success depends upon
discovering how the elements interact with one another.

HOW do you implement the knowledge innovation architecture?

Based upon several years of management systems research and application of core concepts in a variety of academic, industrial and government settings, ten dimensions of management strategy have emerged as an excellent way to calibrate an organizations capacity to innovate. This chapter deals in depth with these dimensions - aspects of innovation that are often managed in isolation. For instance, there is not often a common language between the finance, human resource and information technology executives. How do you overcome this problem and architect an innovative organization that cuts across functions? Find some answers in this Primer.

Each chapter ends with a series of frequently asked questions. For instance: managing the new organizations, the innovation process, leadership, etc.

Download this Primer now for only $12.50 by clicking on the Amazon button below. You will pay through the secure Amazon system.

Let us know of your progress.

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